Why Me?

Somehow or another, you found my blog.  Now what? I guess I should tell you a bit about myself and why it exists.    

I am a huge nerd who enjoys reading, writing, cross-stitch and eating entirely too much as well as running. Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with running, but I’ve noticed a huge positive shift in my mental health since I’ve started. I also notice a negative shift when life gets stressful and I don’t make the time to run.

I thought if I shared my story it might motivate someone else out there to make some positive changes in their life as well whether it be reading a book about mental health, running, or whatever makes that person happy. I don’t mean this in a rah-rah cheerleader way. Some days it’s impossible to do anything other than hide in bed or you lay awake at night full of anxiety and what ifs. I have months where I barely run, nights when I drink entirely too much, and have even had mornings where I have finished absolutely dead fucking last in a 10K because I had to poop. I think it’s important to share honest, real stories instead of just sharing Instagram-perfect life moments so that we don’t feel quite so alone.