So much for seizing the opportunity last week. I ended up hobbling around like a pirate Thursday evening and doing a virtual health visit with my doctor Friday.

It’s funny to do a self knee examination on Webcam. Well… maybe not funny. Odd may be a better word.

No swelling. No that part doesn’t hurt when I press it. Nope, that part is cool too. Dear God that part does. Okay cross my leg over my opposite knee, act like I’m sitting and twist side to side. No issues on my right side other than feeling silly. Left side? Arghhhhuhhhhhhhjhh!!! Okay that is definitely painful.

Okay. PT sounds like a good idea. Yes that time works on Monday.

Yes, I’ll try the arthritis medication.

Rest? All weekend? Okay. So no running. But walking a few miles is fine. Why are you laughing?

Okay okay. REST. In all caps. Not Rest with a capital R.

But the weather is going to be perfect this weekend.

What do you mean runners are the worst patients? (JK she’s a pro. She may have thought it, but didn’t say it.)


I’m guessing everyone other than myself saw this one coming….

Doing two a days after just starting to get consistent was a bad idea. It’s good to support friends, but my body was 100% not ready for it.

I woke up Thursday and still had a lot of muscle stiffness. I tried to massage it out, went to the gym, did a bunch of warmup moves, and immediately started hobbling on the treadmill.

The instructor asked if I was limping and I sheepishly had to say yes.

She listened to me explain how it felt, gave me a foam roller, and told me walking. Maybe add some incline to increase my heart rate, but no running.

She said it sounded like a muscle problem and that I need to listen to my body and take it easy. That running 10,000 steps on a cramping leg will in no way help it.

I can not even begin to tell you how bad I am at listening to my body.

If I knew how to listen to my body I would a. Not be as fat as I am and b. Would not have injured myself.

I can not begin to tell you how frustrating it is to hear the instructor call out different intervals and be stuck walking because your leg is rolling with a cramp.

So instead of working on that 200 mile challenge or running every day, I’m resting and grumbling. And feel like I’m not supporting M in her goals.

Cross Training

About a month ago I decided to add cross training into my routine to balance out weaknesses.

First it was yoga. My first class I found myself staring at my horribly unkempt feet thinking I really need to trim my nails and stop wearing black socks. The lint makes it look like I have gangrene.

Next it was a tabata based spin class. One of my coworkers, J, who refused for years to work out in front of other people he works with joined me to help his weight loss. I found myself being annoyed with all the 20 year olds being perky and bouncy on the spin bike with their hair in a bun leaving to go next door for more HIIT.

The third week I added in a strong and lean class (basic body weight exercises like lunges and squats or planks along with weights.) My hand eye coordination and understanding of what people are saying can get off some days. I tweaked my knee on a lunge with weights off of a riser because of an added kick. I’m still not sure what the point of that all was.

I put the question of how much cross training is too much cross training out there to the universe. The responses varied but amounted to keep at least 1 rest day, chill out if it’s affecting your running/daily life, otherwise have at it- there is no such thing as too much cross training.

This week, on Friday, I started personal training with another good friend, M. The trainer is very outgoing and upbeat and pushes us. He walks us through a routine over 30 minutes- lots of variations of squats with weights, and also goblet presses and a few other upper body items for a full body workout.

Yesterday I could barely walk up and down the stairs. My thighs were on fire and my legs felt like they weighed 100lbs a piece. I headed out for a 9 mile run and felt like I was running through wet concrete. After 0.6 miles, I knew it wasn’t happening. I texted N that I’d be doing a shorter run. I managed to get 3.1 miles in- at 16.5 min/mile. (My usual pace averages out to under 15, my long runs a bit slower.)

I’m a bit frustrated with myself for punting on a long run, it’ll be my first time in this 16 week training period. But, as one of my favorite running gurus says, no one run is do or die.

It turns out, there may not be such a thing as too much cross training, but if you’re really going to push yourself, you might need to plan better. Going forward, I’ll be having a rest day after personal training, not a long run.