Inspire Columbus

I fell off the running wagon and got run over by it when I got sick in the last week of September.   Not only did I not run the half marathon in October, I’ve barely run at all. Period.

                I told myself I needed to recover from the cold.  (It’s crazy to me how much a cold can zap your energy.  People joke about the man cold, but colds are horrible!) 

Then I told myself that I needed to run intuitively.  That I needed to find my love of running again.  To just go out and do what felt good each day rather than following a plan and getting frustrated when life happens.

                It turns out, it wasn’t bad advice necessarily, but it was a total lie in my case.  I’ve barely run.  I’ve hit the gym and lifted weights a few times, but nothing too amazing. 

                One of my friends sent me a link to Inspire Columbus through the Columbus Running Company.  (Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with them. I know that’s shocking considering my stats, but it’s true.)  The challenge is to keep moving through January to have an opportunity to win raffle prizes.  The only catches are- you pay $5 for the challenge, and the miles need to be tracked through Strava and outdoors. I personally have Strava pull the data from my Garmin watch because I’m not a huge fan of the app. 

                  My goals are simple.  I want to get moving again- preferably outside.  My stretch goal?  The CRC strava group has a weekly leaderboard, I’d love to break the top 100. This week’s leaderboard ranged from 45.5 to 17.3 miles.  I don’t expect to go out and crush 46 miles to be #1 and honestly I don’t expect I’ll crush 17.5 this week to be #100, but I will by the end of January.  #JeninesJanuaryChallenge 

Author: J9

I run, and run terribly. This is my journey to 40 years old and my first full marathon.

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