Feel Good Friday?

I’ve gotten to that point in my life where I honestly can’t remember when I felt attractive last. It’s been years ago. I’m guessing this is fairly normal as our bodies age, work and life stress happen, and libidos go out to the woods to die.

Anyways, I decided to go to the salon to get my nails done. A treat-myself indulgent moment to feel a bit better. And traffic is a complete nightmare, I end up showing up late and the nail tech seems fairly annoyed as she butchers my cuticles and scrapes my finger with the Emery board, then applies the wrong color of dip polish. Okay, not a great experience, but I brush it off. Not a big deal. They look nice even if they are super Christmas colored for July. I pay her and go home, feeling more frustrated than picked up by the whole thing.

I go to work Monday and start browsing hairstyles on Pinterest. I find one I love.

I have went to a particular salon since I’ve been in Columbus, including to have my wedding hair done. They recently closed, so I’ve gone to their sister salon a few times. My experiences have been decent if not stellar. My hair looks nice even if the stylists look like they would rather not be there and the building is a bit run down.

I called to make an appointment at this sister salon and found out they’re also closed. Against my better judgment I call a 3rd salon (that took over the building of the one I liked to go to) and book an appointment. I say against my better judgement because I had a really bad experience there once- the stylist turned my hair a gray green color and another had to step in and fix it. They severely discounted it but it was still a lot of time and damage to my hair.

I show up for my appointment at 4:00, knowing that they close at 9- I had booked a hair cut, color, and eyebrow wax. I know this salon does more natural treatments so I don’t expect it to last as long, but I want to feel like a new woman even if it’s for 4 weeks until I can find a new salon. The girl mumbles at me asking what we’re doing. I tell her and show her a picture.

She looks at me like I sprouted a 2nd head. I tell her I understand my hair isn’t long enough to do a full stacked bob, but I’d like to start transitioning that direction. She says that the color would be ‘a lot of processing’ and stares at me. Umm… okay…. touching up highlights and adding streaks doesn’t seem like THAT big of a deal but she clearly doesn’t want to do it even though she has 5 hours and I’m willing to pay and tip my usual 30%

So I end up with a hair trim, no wax, and no color. When I get home, our bathroom is getting a new fan put in so I can’t even wash my hair or see what the trim looks like.

Today is Friday, I still feel pretty down in the dumps, and I’m still planning on finding a 4th salon to go to. If that doesn’t work I may end up bleaching my hair at home or shaving my head and joining a convent so wish me luck.

Author: J9

I run, and run terribly. This is my journey to 40 years old and my first full marathon.

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