I’m in a total running slump right now. I’ve been blaming it on cross training, but I’m honestly not sure that’s the case. I have a half marathon coming up very shortly, and a full marathon in October. I think it just seems like so much work between here and there.

I’m trying to get out there and enjoy the nicer weather, but I’m also frustrated because the bathrooms are all still locked for the winter at all the parks in my area so I need to be 100% I won’t need one while I’m running or I’ll be doing the squeeze and waddle home method. Not ideal.

I’m sitting at the dinner table pounding water trying to get rid of a headache and make sure I don’t need to poop once I get out there. (I blame a lot of this on hormones and am seriously considering going on a low dose birth control with no ‘reminder’ pills so I can stop having periods altogether.)

One of my best friends told me to just bribe myself with something fun. I think that’s a good idea and am debating what that thing might be. I had considered gel polish nails, but after tip my last ones were $48 and I’m cheap so that seems like a lot for 2 weeks with no chips in my nails. Hell, 2 manicures would buy a new pair of running shoes or 4 pairs of running tights.

Feel free to drop suggestions of bribes or ways you get back into the game when you’re not feeling it.

Author: J9

I run, and run terribly. This is my journey to 40 years old and my first full marathon.

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